Young Adults Made Alive

Young Adults Made Alive

Sharing the Gospel through the passions and experiences of college students.

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    The Electoral College and Pro-Life Aggies | feat. Nick Ciggelakis

    How can everyday Christians, college students included, get involved in making some of the most important decisions in the nation? Today, Nick tells the story of his introduction to local politics and his unlikely path into the electoral college.

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    #28 - Nick Ciggelakis

    Nick is a lover of Jesus and a double major in both Political Science and History. He was a member of the electoral college for the 2016 presidential election, and has witnessed first hand the power of the Gospel at the state, local, and national levels.

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    The Paradox of Justice, Mercy, and Grace | feat. Jaci Cooper

    If Justice is getting what we deserve, but Mercy and Grace are not, then how can we call God each of these attributes simultaneously? Today, Jaci walks us through the radical injustice of Christ's crucifixion and how to serve selflessly

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    Man Is (Not) As His God | feat. Jaci Cooper

    Where do we find ourselves in God's image? How does our character reflect his, and vice versa? Today, Jaci and Cody talk about the importance of Christ's incarnation in establishing a divine empathy and providing opportunity for our personal relationships with God.

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    #27 - Jaci Cooper

    Jaci is an lover of Jesus and a recent graduate from Texas A&M. Her passions include both science and applied mathematics.

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    Doubting the Bible | feat. Chirag Matta

    How much should the text of the Bible be held accountable for the actions of those who misuse it? What does history tell us about the authenticity of the Bible as a cultural artifact and potential weapon?

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    Sexual Policing and Finding Happiness | feat. Chirag Matta

    Is our happiness contingent upon our circumstances? Why does it seem like God’s favorite thing to do is glamorize pain and stigmatize pleasure? Today, Chirag and Cody walk through some of what the Bible has to say about sexuality.

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    #26 - Chirag Matta

    Chirag is a lover of people and a recent graduate from Texas A&M. He is passionate about finding unity within society and seeking happiness in all circumstances.

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    Shopping Cart Prayer Life | feat. Mark Garwood

    What makes prayer so powerful? What’s the point in telling God what He should already know? Today, Mark talks about grocery stores and how we can be seeking God’s will through our conversations with Him.

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    The Two Most Destructive Words | feat. Mark Garwood

    Why is it that we hold ourselves back from vulnerability? What is it about good community that forges accountability and openness with one another? Today, Mark and Cody dive into the Riot at Ephesus as well as the two most destructive words commonly used today.

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